Book lovers dating 40 year old man dating 24 year old woman

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Some introductions are more awkward than others, and some captivate you from the first words.Some characters take awhile to get to know, because they require describing the alternate world they live in or they have a complex back story.

Or, at least, they attract more suitors according to recent findings by the popular dating site e Harmony, as reported in .

For men, the most alluring reading material is…“Richard Branson’s business books.” Hold up — what? It all sounds a little too Patrick Bateman-y, doesn’t it?

Anyway, reading is reading, I guess…This isn’t the first study to support the advantages, sexual or otherwise, of being a bookworm.

Books are sexy and we’ve got the science to back it up.

According to a recent report by UK dating app My Bae, book-lovers are more likely to land dates than those who do not. The app, which suggests matches based on shared hashtags, recently published a blog post explaining that its most popular tag interests aren’t about movies, Netflix, or music, but rather, about books.

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