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A Dymo® or Zebra® label printer is connected for quick, reliable label printing as attendees are checked in. Here, one or more i Pad or Android tablets can also be used as check-in stations.They can be configured to print to the same Dymo® or Zebra® printer the desktop station uses. i Phone or Android phones can also be Check-In stations.All packages include unlimited stations, events, & administrators.Just select a package level and your 30-day trial will begin immediately.Two vital tools for management to communicate include a weekly meeting between the manager and direct report.These meetings can take a few types of forms, two predominant forms include Weekly One on One (1:1) meetings and weekly check-ins.

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Note that it is possible to create a series of comments via this method, which is not possible via the desktop UI.Use any of them and you’ll get a project status meeting that sure beats the shiznit out of watching paint dry.Communication rhythm is vital to an organization’s success. Daily standups, weekly meetings, and individual one on one meetings are a few examples of how companies communicate their mission, values, updates, and strategic initiatives.But more often, those teams run other meetings to fill in the gap: the team update, the individual check-ins, the stand-up – all basically synonymous with status meetings, but without the bad press.This happens because status meetings are actually really effective and efficient (yep, I said it! In many situations, this is the absolute best way to keep a group on track you know why you’re meeting and how to do it well.

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