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Click here to read our free report on Georgia Divorce Document and Procedure Separation Georgia does not have a “separation” requirement, as many other states require.In fact, in divorce proceedings in Georgia, unlike other states, you can continue to reside together in the same marital home and be considered "separated".While not required, hiring an attorney for your divorce action is recommended.

A divorce can be obtained in Georgia in as little as thirty-one (31) days from the date of filing the divorce action.

The expense of having to maintain two separate homes (while separated) was part of the reasoning on this issue.

Some states actually require the couple to live separate and apart for up to a year.

Additionally, each party’s approach toward the case (cooperative, difficult, getting back at the opposing party, etc.) always influences the time it takes a case to be resolved.

In uncontested cases — meaning a case that has been settled between the parties through agreement – a divorce is granted after all the necessary paperwork is filed with the court.

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