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Continue Reading → betterdatingacademy I was recently asked by someone I was talking to “How do I meet the best lady on earth?” This is how I responded; I’m afraid that won’t be possible, as I’ve already got her.Why does this seem to happen again and again and again, despite them saying they don’t want it? Continue Reading → betterdatingacademy Many years ago, I was married to a woman with whom I had two handsome sons to, who then left and seemed determined to make my life a misery.She used guilt trips, manipulations and lies and it made me so angry.” Then they ask “Don’t people twig that you’re interviewing them.After my first marriage failed and I was at my most miserable and depressed, I thought I would never recover.But I’ve also been over six figures in debt, lonely and depressed more than once, and wondering what the heck I did to get into such sticky situations.

Every person they choose to go out with is the same level of angry, jealous, crazy, controlling, aggressive or whatever the trait is.I then went and met another woman who also seemed determined to make…Continue Reading → betterdatingacademy I have had many people ask me, “Why do you use questions in your systems?One of the keys I realised, to a successful marriage, is to remove our emotions from the designing of our ideal relationship.We need to be analytical and in a sense take an outsiders view of who we are and what we need in a partner.

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