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Given that, Duchene’s contract — million in 2017-18 and in 2018-19 — is palatable even for a low-spending Senators squad. Even with the addition of Duchene, there would still be few guarantees about making the playoffs.

Should the Senators make the post-season, even the most optimistic Senators fan must acknowledge that Washington and Pittsburgh are in a class to themselves in the Eastern Conference.

The Senators don’t have the depth in their lineup to match up.

Yes, all this comes from the same place where we suggested, a month ago, that the club take a serious look at what it would take to pry Duchene out of Colorado.

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It’s a sensitive subject to be sure, because the hope inside and outside the dressing room is that he will one day receive medical clearance to return.

Yet if Mac Arthur doesn’t come back, his contract (.65 million in 2017-18, 2018--20) will be covered by an insurance policy. If the Avalanche maintain that either one of Thomas Chabot or Colin White is part of the big package coming back, forget about it. Before Saturday’s clash between Montreal and Toronto, the Senators were in a six-team fight for four playoff spots – with only six points separating the clubs.

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